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Expedition: Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1914-16 (Endurance)
Materials: leather, textile, metal
Dimensions: 115mm (width), 293mm (height), 310mm (length)
Date: 1914-1916
Ref no: N: 88a

A pull-on canvas boot for the right foot with leather reinforcement. One of two boots (N: 88a-b) of different sorts designed by Ernest Shackleton and used during the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1914-16 (Endurance).

Physical description:

A pull-on canvas boot for the right foot. The lower part of the boot is reinforced with a layer of leather which is seamed at the toe and heel. The sole is made of leather, fixed in place with metal nails. There is no tread, but there are five clinker nails on the sole. There is a leather loop on either side of the ankle, and a canvas and lampwick tie stitched to either side of the boot on the top of the foot – these ties pass through the leather loops and wrap around the leg to hold it in place.

Other relevant information