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Expedition: British Antarctic Expedition 1907-09 (Nimrod)
Materials: Unknown
Dimensions: 240mm (width), 100mm (height), 30mm (depth); 38mm (diameter)
Date: 1907-1909
Ref no: N: 53a-d

A pair of snow goggles (a) with three round lenses (b-d), used for experimenting with different coloured glass. From the British Antarctic Expedition 1907-09 (Nimrod).

Physical description:

goggles (a): A pair of snow goggles (a) with three spare lenses (b), (c) and (d). The goggles consist of a leather face mask with two tubular plastic eye pieces. Each eye piece has a screw thread, presumably for fitting the lens, and eight small holes around the outer edge, presumably for ventilation. Each eye piece is held in place by means of large stitching. The mask is lined with a velvet-type textile, and the two layers have been stitched together. An 8mm wide leather strap is sewn to either side of the mask, for fixing the goggles to the head. One strap has a metal buckle which appears to have been covered in a rubbery or plastic coating which is now coming off and the buckle itself is rusty; the other strap has eight buckle holes.

spare lenses (b-d): Three circular glass lenses. (b) is dark grey and marked 'Theodore Hamblin Ltd' and 'Crookes B2'. It is the thickest of the three. (c) is pale grey and marked 'Theodore Hamblin Ltd' and 'Crookes B'. (d) is almost clear and marked 'Theodore Hamblin Ltd' and 'Crookes A'.

Other relevant information