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The Thing Is ...

The Thing Is ...

A Curating Cambridge project

24 September - 20 December 2014

This exhibition explores the many ways in which we consider and care for museum objects, how and why objects gain meaning and why we collect them and their accompanying stories.

Pairing an object from each of the University of Cambridge Museums and the Botanic Gardens with an object taken from the reserve collections at the Polar Museum, The Thing Is … uses innovative touch screen technology to explore the relationships between each pair and invites the public to contribute to the curatorial process. The dialogue between the objects highlights the often surprising correspondences between things and audiences.

You will be able to choose between video, audio and text descriptions to find out about the objects, their histories and connections, and the ways in which we care for them.

Finback whale skeleton, photo courtesy Tom Mayle, University Museum of Zoology'Thinking of Flying' by George Arluk © Scott Polar Research Institute / Martin Hartley