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Delivery by Design: Stamps in Antarctica

Delivery by Design: Stamps in Antarctica

12 June - 6 September

This exhibition explores the history of stamps from the British Antarctic Territory, drawing from the Scott Polar Research Institute's archives and highlights the recent gift of stamps, printing proofs and original artworks made by Crown Agents with the assistance of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to the Scott Polar Research Institute.

Designed by A Robinson. Emperor penguin Aptenodytes forsteri, original artwork, Courtesy of Crown Agents Limited.

These stamps highlight Antarctic flora and fauna, and commemorate many of the British expeditions that have undertaken Antarctic exploration and science. The displays include original artworks and designs, printers proofs and first definitive editions. The British Antarctic Territory includes all the lands and islands in a wedge extending from the South Pole to 60° S latitude between longitudes 20° W and 80° W. The Territory, which is administered by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as an Overseas Dependent Territory, is made up of former dependencies of the Falkland Islands. It has its own postal administration as well as its own legal system; income from the sale of postage stamps and tax means it is financially self sufficient. Stamps were issued in the region as early as the Victorian period but once declared the British Antarctic Territory the first general issue of stamps was made on 1 February 1963. The decimalisation of British currency in 1971 saw some of the same stamp designs continue to be used but overprinted with the decimal value.

Designed by Michael Goaman. H.M.S Endurance, 1966, printers proof. Courtesy of Crown Agents Limited

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