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Melt Down: The Changing Arctic - photography by Louise Murray

Melt Down: The Changing Arctic - photography by Louise Murray

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20 March - 17 May 2008
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Louise Murray has been a professional photojournalist for fifteen years and her work has appeared in many publications worldwide. She leads expeditions to the high north for Arctic Kingdom Marine Expeditions, helping filmmakers and professional photographers achieve their goals safely in this challenging environment. Working both above and below the waters of the Arctic Ocean, Louise has worked with many documentary and wildlife film crews, including National Geographic and the BBC.

In this simple exhibition of photographs, 'Melt Down: The Changing Arctic', Louise attempts to highlight the dramatic effects of global warming, felt so keenly in the polar world. 'Climate change is happening right now and having a disproportionate impact on the fragile north', she says, ' and I am sad to see changes every year'.

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Arctic Kingdom leads expeditions for adventurers, photographers, filmmakers and scientists throughout the Arctic with a special expertise in the region's large marine animals. Arctic Kingdom works closely with elders from the closest Arctic communities and compliments traditional knowledge with extensive coordinated logistics and equipment.

We have extensive experience with adventure sports including diving, ice climbing, kayaking and snowmobiling from Alaska to Canada and Greenland to Svalbard. From light camps transported by dog team through luxury camps with technical production and scientific facilities and from supporting helicopters in the field to delivering major equipment by Hercules, Arctic Kingdom provides the guidance, planning, equipment and coordinated operations to safely work and explore the Arctic whether for sport, science, imagery or engineering to support diverse projects that advance our understanding, appreciation and protection of this very special region.