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Exhibition partnership with La Corderie Royale

Exhibition partnership with La Corderie Royale


Dec 9, 2006 - Jun 30, 2007
Rochefort, France

Shackleton exhibition

In partnership with the Scott Polar Research Institute, La Corderie Royale - Centre International de la Mer is organising an exhibition entitled "Surviving the ice: Ernest Shackleton towards the South Pole, 1914-1917" ("Survivants des glaces: Ernest Shackleton vers le Pôle Sud, 1914-1917") in the historic arsenal of Rochefort, France. SPRI is pleased to be able to lend a number of artefacts relating to Shackleton's expeditions, including a tins of provisions specially prepared for the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition and a copy of his chart of the route to South Pole, drawn by Frank Debenham for use on the Terra Nova Expedition, 1910-13.

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