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The Beach at the Polar Museum

The Beach at the Polar Museum

Wednesday 22nd August 2012

10:30am - 3:30pm

Just for one day we create a beach atmosphere at the museum and offer a 'drop in and do day' all about change in the world around you ...

Polar explorer on the beach

  • Make climate change bunting - draw or write your thoughts about the day and for the future
  • Seaside snapshot - raid the dressing up box and create your personal snap shot of a day at the polar beach
  • Write a postcard - Wish they were here? Send your polar wisdom to a friend or your future-self!
  • Sand pit - for toddlers
  • Deckchairs for parents and carers
  • Write your own poem about change
  • Iceberg making table
  • ... and a few more surprises

Poem: Climate Change

The climate's getting warmer,
You might think that's quite nice;
The trouble is it's melting
Too much polar snow and ice.

The Arctic seals are finding
Much less ice in which to breed,
So polar bears are finding
It's more difficult to feed.

Penguins in Antarctica
Are getting much too hot,
And so they're going farther south
To find a cooler spot.

The glaciers are melting
And reducing in their size,
Which means that all around the world
Sea level's on the rise.

And those who live on islands,
Where the land is very low,
Are worried that the land will flood
And all their homes will go.

So if ice continues melting
The sea will start to reach
Much farther in across the land
And SPRI will have a beach!

Peter Clarkson
August 2012