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Snow Queen Poetry

Snow Queen Poetry

Working with Kaddy Benyon, the Scott Polar Research Institute's Invited Poet, at the Snow Queen Day on 29 August 2013, children were encouraged to produce poems on polar themes. We hope you enjoy the amazing results as much as we do!

The Snow Queen

Who is this person in my palace?
A stranger or no-one?
I stand very still like a frozen
statue. She is fierce and angry –
I am scared and frightened
because her palace is very big
and made of ice, even the stairs
inside! The Snow Queen is white
and blue with a shiny silk dress,
sparkly gems on her delicate crown.

by Ellie Woodward (5)

The Snow Queen's Sleigh

The sleigh doesn't like the Snow
Queen. She is fast and angry and wicked.
Everyone runs away. Small white
sleigh pulled by three brown reindeer.
It wants to carry children instead –
laughing happy children. But the children
are sad and scared. Unhappy sleigh.

by Samuel Button (3)


Who are you?
A body of night
danger & fright
soft & feathery
beak & claws
sharp as blades
dark as my sleepover
as midnight drew to a close
I would turn and say
time to adventure the day away.

by Morgan Love-Howes (8)


I'd really like to play with you
You're super-brave and not scared
Of the mean snow queen.
You have magical, brilliant teardrops.
You are a little girl, like me, I'm four.
Your hair is really soft.
You like Kay very much.
You are a really good friend.

by Emily & Alice Dekker

My Red Shoes

My red shoes are soft
and smooth. They remind me
of red fruit upon a tree.
When I wear them, I want
to dance. They make me feel
so happy. At the park,
I love to run and stomp in them.
After a long day of running around
my shoes complain and say:
phew, your feet are smelly!

by Jacinda & Hermione Bates (6 & 5)

The Raven

a saven who is really a raven -
he glides and he flies,
slides and fries –
he walks and he talks
he's a raven not a caven –
he's a bird not a lird.

by Raphael Cohen (8)

The Wicked Magician

Evil magic
evil magician
one sadness
bad evil magician.

by Mori Cohen (6)

A Crumbling Castle

"Please come to my castle, Esther
Tummy to the Tat Cat!"
A pile of bricks, home, hard, rough,
hot rocks.
Climb the castle,
dance in it.
and sad,
sadly happy
Owned by the queen
of snow.
Ugly, old,

by Esther & Rosie (2 & 30)