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Scott's Last Expedition

Thursday, March 22nd and 23rd 1912

Blizzard bad as ever – Wilson and Bowers unable to start – to-morrow last chance – no fuel and only one or two of food left – must be near the end. Have decided it shall be natural – we shall march for the depot with or without our effects and die in our tracks.

4 Responses to “Thursday, March 22nd and 23rd 1912”

  1. Robin Stevens says:

    Heart rending.

  2. Mark Reynier says:

    Did they ever find all those opium tablets?

  3. Piers says:

    It is heart rending, extreemly so. I just finnished watching the movie (again) made back in 1948 with John Mills which is fantastic and also found a seven part mini series on youtube made in 1985 with Scott played by Martin Shaw called the Last Place on Earth and also Cherry Garrard played by Hugh Grant. I was baffled when i discovered that no other film exists of this amazing story. But with todays actors i really couldn’t think of anyone that would fill the shoes of Scott well enough to play his character in a modern film. It would be good to see a new film made about this and released next year on the 100th aniversary of the event but i think its too late now, a missed opportunity i think. We need to celebrate these historical events.

  4. Piers says:

    When the search party discovered them the following summer they took thier diaries and the letters Scott wrote. The doctor examined them and confirmed they had died a natural death and that the appearance of the bodies confirmed that they had not died from an overdose of opium. When they had removed the effects from the tent it was collapsed over the bodies of the three men inside and they were buried where they were found. No mention of the opium was made and it was probably buried with them.