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Scott's Last Expedition

Monday, March 12th 1912

We did 6.9 miles yesterday, under our necessary average. Things are left much the same, Oates not pulling much, and now with hands as well as feet pretty well useless. We did 4 miles this morning in 4 hours 20 min. – we may hope for 3 this afternoon, 7 ◊ 6 = 42. We shall be 47 miles from the depot. I doubt if we can possibly do it. The surface remains awful, the cold intense, and our physical condition running down. God help us! Not a breath of favourable wind for more than a week, and apparently liable to head winds at any moment.

4 Responses to “Monday, March 12th 1912”

  1. bengt says:

    I think it’s horrible to read, knowing their fate.
    But I can´t stop, it´s interesting.

  2. Piers says:

    I know but they’ve kind of killed the tension a bit with the delay in posting, my calendar has just clicked over to the 18th March and the last post is still only the 14th and i was trying to get everyone in the office interested by using the tension as the attraction. Backfired a bit 🙁 It still brings tears to my eyes when i read it though.

  3. christopherhughes says:


    It is still the 17th of March, by Greenwich Mean Time. Scott has just posted, and has lost track of the exact date, but believes it to be the 17th. Therefore the delay in posting is consistent with the actual events.

  4. Pete Smith says:

    I think many people would by now have abandoned the geological rocks they insisted on dragging back for scientific research. These men were dying,
    yet they would not abandon the principles of their expedition. Its extraordinary by todays standards.