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Scott's Last Expedition

Wednesday, January 3rd 1912

Height: Lunch, 10,110; Night, 10,180. Camp 56. T.-17º. Minimum -18.5º. Within 150 miles of our goal. Last night I decided to reorganise, and this morning told off Teddy Evans, Lashly, and Crean to return. They are disappointed, but take it well. Bowers is to come into our tent, and we proceed as a five man unit to-morrow. We have 5 1/2 units of food – practically over a month’s allowance for five people – it ought to see us through. We came along well on ski to-day, but the foot-haulers were slow, and so we only got a trifle over 12 miles (geo.). Very anxious to see how we shall manage to-morrow; if we can march well with the full load we shall be practically safe, I take it. The surface was very bad in patches to-day and the wind strong.

‘Lat. 87º 32′. A last note from a hopeful position. I think it’s going to be all right. We have a fine party going forward and arrangements are all going well.’

One Response to “Wednesday, January 3rd 1912”

  1. Jerry says:

    Does anybody know if instructions for helping polar party on their way back (which got Evans from Scott) were different from the original ones
    (which got Dr. Atkinson)?
    I don´t understand why on March in the base camp there were not sure who and when should go to help the polar party (see the desparate
    Cherry-Garrard´s attempt).