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Scott's Last Expedition

Tuesday, April 18th 1911

Hut Point. Good moonlight at 7 A.M. – had breakfast. Broke camp very quickly – Lashly splendid at camp work as of old – very heavy pull up to Castle Rock, sweated much. This sweating in cold temperature is a serious drawback. Reached Hut Point 1 P.M. Found all well in excellent spirits – didn’t seem to want us much!!

Party reported very bad weather since we left, cold blizzard, then continuous S.W. wind with -20º and below. The open water was right up to Hut Point, wind absolutely preventing all freezing along shore. Wilson reported skua gull seen Monday.

Found party much shorter of blubber than I had expected – they were only just keeping themselves supplied with a seal killed two days before and one as we arrived.

Actually less fast ice than when we left!

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