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Scott's Last Expedition

Notes on Flyleaf of Fresh MS. Book

Genus Homo, Species Sapiens!


Wm. Barents’ house in Novaya Zemlya built 1596. Found by Capt. Carlsen 1871 (275 years later) intact, everything inside as left! What of this hut?

The ocean girt continent.

‘Might have seemed almost heroic if any higher end than excessive love of gain and traffic had animated the design.’ – MILTON.
‘He is not worthy to live at all, who, for fear and danger of death shunneth his country’s service or his own honour, since death is inevitable and the fame of virtue immortal.’ – SIR HUMPHREY GILBERT.

There is no part of the world that can not be reached by man. When the ‘can be’ is turned to ‘has been’ the Geographical Society will have altered its status.

‘At the whirring loom of time unawed I weave the living garment of God.’ – GOETHE.

By all means think yourself big but don’t think everyone else small!

The man who knows everyone’s job isn’t much good at his own.

‘When you are attacked unjustly avoid the appearance of evil, but avoid also the appearance of being too good!’ ‘A man can’t be too good, but he can appear too good.’

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