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Scott's Last Expedition

Sunday, April 16th 1911

Same wind as yesterday up to 6 o’clock, when it fell calm with gusts from the north.

Have exercised the ponies to-day and got my first good look at them. I scarcely like to express the mixed feelings with which I am able to regard this remnant.

Freezing of Bays. Cape Evans
March 15. – General young ice formed.
March 19. – Bay cleared except strip inside Inaccessible and Razor Back Islands to Corner Turk’s Head.
March 20. – Everything cleared.
March 25. – Sea froze over inside Islands for good.
March 28. – Sea frozen as far as seen.
March 30. – Remaining only inside Islands.
April 1. – Limit Cape to Island.
April 6. – Present limit freezing in Strait and in North Bay.
April 9. – Strait cleared except former limit and _some_ ice in North Bay likely to remain.

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