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Scott's Last Expedition

Saturday, March 11th, 1911

Went yesterday morning to Pram Point to fetch in blubber – wind very strong to Gap but very little on Pram Point side.

In the evening went half-way to Castle Rock; strong bitter cold wind on summit. Could not see the sledge party, but after supper they arrived, having had very hard pulling. They had had no wind at all till they approached the hut. Their temperatures had fallen to -10º and -15º, but with bright clear sunshine in the daytime. They had thoroughly enjoyed their trip and the pulling on ski.

Life in the hut is much improved, but if things go too fast there will be all too little to think about and give occupation in the hut.

It is astonishing how the miscellaneous assortment of articles remaining in and about the hut have been put to useful purpose.

This deserves description.

One Response to “Saturday, March 11th, 1911”

  1. John Wardell says:

    It would be really helpful to have a map showing the relative positions of Pram point, Castle rock, and the other
    places mentioned. Is there a detailed map available on-line?