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Scott's Last Expedition

Wednesday, November 30th 1910

Noon no miles. Light breeze from northward all day, freshening towards nightfall and turning to N.W. Bright sunshine. Ship pitching with south-westerly swell. All in good spirits except one or two sick.

We are away, sliding easily and smoothly through the water, but burning coal – 8 tons in 24 hours reported 8 P.M.

2 Responses to “Wednesday, November 30th 1910”

  1. Petra Mueller says:

    A brilliant concept to publish Scott’s diary day by day and I will eagerly follow the process (even though the outcome is known to everyone
    the diaries make exciting reading still today).
    Just to give me -as a German- an idea of the amount of coal burnt on the first day out: what is the metric equivalent of 8 tons?
    Thanks for your answers, Petra

  2. christopherhughes says:

    Petra: 8 UK Tons = 8.12 Metric Tons.