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Scott's Last Expedition

Tuesday, November 29th, 1910

Saw Fenwick re Central News agreement – to town. Thanked Glendenning for handsome gift, 130 grey jerseys. To Town Hall to see Mayor. Found all well on board.

We left the wharf at 2.30 – bright sunshine – very gay scene. If anything more craft following us than at Lyttelton – Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Evans, and K. left at Heads and back in Harbour Tug. Other tugs followed farther with Volunteer Reserve Gunboat – all left about 4.30. Pennell ‘swung’ the ship for compass adjustment, then ‘away.’

Terra Nova

Terra Nova

14 Responses to “Tuesday, November 29th, 1910”

  1. David Britton says:

    Who are the two people with Scott? I assume the lady is Kathleen? Do we know who the man is?

  2. a.k. says:

    Keep going Scott! We believe in you!

  3. christopherhughes says:

    The caption of the photo lists: ‘Kathleen Scott, Scott and Wyatt on bridge of ship ‘Terra Nova’’
    Mr. Wyatt was business manager to the Expedition.

  4. David Britton says:

    Many thanks.
    David Britton

  5. Elaine McIntyre says:

    Great photo of George Frederick Wyatt b 1835, who helped my grandfather (Francis Wyatt) and my father (Francis George Wyatt) to emigrate to Australia
    on the “Geelong” in 1911. We hold little information on his life other than he was Business Manager on the Expedition and helped his brother (Frank). Thanks

  6. Phil Nichols says:

    George Frederick Wyatt is my wife’s great grandfather who supplied provisions for the Terra Nova.
    There are two Franks/Francis I have in our family history info: Frank born 1848 & a Frank born 1873
    in Chigwell, Essex, who married an Alice Taylor. Are these the two Francis that you mention? Any
    info you have on George Frederick would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

  7. Elaine McIntyre says:

    Hi Phil,
    My father was Francis George Wyatt, born 1903, Walthamstow, England. His father was FRANK (not Francis , sorry) Wyatt (brother of George Frederick
    Wyatt) and was born in Chigwell, Essex, England in 1873. As you say FRANK married my grandmother, ALICE A TYLER, born abt 1871 from Kelvedon Hatch,
    Essex, England.
    Frank’s father was ALBERT ERNEST WYATT, born 1841, who married EMMA MARLER, born 1839. They were married in 1864 at St Leonards, Shoreditch,
    and had ten children (that I can account for). Frank being the fifth eldest whilst your wife’s great grandfather – George Frederick – was the second
    youngest. To go back another generation Albert Ernest Wyatt’s father was James Wyatt, born 1801, with mother Harriet BUTTON, born 1800.
    James & Harriet had 12 children, and FRANK WYATT born 1828 was their eleventh child.

    Sorry we have little information on your wife’s grandfather other than our dad – FRANCIS GEORGE – called “Jim” had told how his kindly uncle paid the
    passage for my grandfather and dad to come to Australia. We understand the debt was repaid after our grandfather got work in Australia.
    Once granddad was established in Brighton, he paid for our grandmother and the rest of the family a year later to immigrate to Australia.

    Hope this is of some help and I am more than happy to give you any information.

  8. Phil Nichols says:

    Hi Elaine. Many thanks for your recent info on the Wyatts. I’ve recently met Tony Zambra who married
    Marie Cooke in 1951. She was the daughter of Nena Wyatt (sister of George Frederick and Frank). My
    wife’s grandfather was Gilbert Philpott whose parents were William Henry and Jessie (nee Wyatt).
    The Wyatts lived and worked at The Nightingale pub in Wansted, London for many years in 1800s.
    My email address is if you do have any more info. I can also send you
    some info on the Wyatt family. Many thanks, Phil.

  9. Elaine McIntyre says:

    Dear Phil

    Only just looked at this site after a cousin found a book (in Ireland) about Tom Crean who travelled on Scott’s last
    expedition. Sorry about not responding sooner but will email you shortly.

  10. Lisa Kitney says:

    My grandather was Frederick George Wyatt, born gravesend 1897 and died in 1949 he married Hilda maggie roots around 1924. I don’t know I there is any connection

  11. Elaine McIntyre says:


    I don’t believe so Lisa as GEORGE FREDERICK WYATT was born 1879 In Walthamstow, Essex. He married Miriam Sallie Middleton 30 Jul 1911 – children at this point of time not confirmed. Sallie died 1953. Would love to know more but have not had a lot of success at this point of time.


  12. Mr Wyatt says:

    I don’t mean to sound sceptical but I’m a relative of Albert Ernest Wyatt and was very excited to read about the Terra Nova link.

    However I am a bit confused, if George Fredrick Wyatt son of Albert Ernest Wyatt really was the same one as the one on the Terra nova, how did he get married in London in 1911 but yet is listed as being married in The Sydney Morning Herald Thursday 6 October 1910 when with Scott in Australia?

    They even interviewed his wife in the Sydney Herald, you can read the article from 1910 here.

  13. Elaine McIntyre says:

    Mmmm – I have to agree I am skeptical too! Great work on finding that article thank you. One of our relatives in England will also be very pleased.

    Now having checked London, England Marriages & Bans again for George Frederick Wyatt, I admit my error as I went by the typewritten details rather than the tiny date at the top. How one can get caught! I am now sure it was 1910. It is #227 – father Albert Ernest Wyatt. George was 31 and Sallie 22. Date 30 July.

    This also leaves me wondering! The Terra Nova left Cardiff, 15 June 1910, and Wyatt’s joined the Terra Nova in Melbourne some time after 6 Oct 1910. On what ship did they arrive in Sydney? I only knew that George F Wyatt had visited Melbourne and I wrongfully assumed he had come from Cardiff on the Terra Nova.


  14. Phil Nichols says:

    Hello Mr Wyatt. I have just seen your comments on SPRI website (where I’ve been checking out George F Wyatt). Albert Ernest Wyatt (1840-1906) is my wife’s great grandfather (x2). His daughter Jessie (1866-1941) married William Henry Philpott (1864-1909) and they had a son Gilbert Edward (1900-1978). Gilbert is my wife’s grandfather. If required I can offer information on Albert Ernest’s daughters Constance, Margaret, Nena and Jessie (especially Nena and Jessie). Meanwhile I’m still trying to unravel George F Wyatt and the Terra Nova connection.
    Where actually do you fit into the Wyatt side – I may even have you in my notes! Regards Phil Nichols (