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Museum catalogue: Polar Art Collection


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There are 2,554 items in this collection, of which 4 are shown below. Use the navigation to view more pages.


Cooker and Primus Lamp

Record: Y: 2018/9/4

Pencil and ink sketch depicting a primus stove set up for use, as seen from the side, by Edward Adrian Wilson


Study for a Blue Iceberg. Svalbard.

Record: Y: 2019/119

Sketch by Julian Grater in charcoal on paper of an iceberg, framed and glazed. Signed verso by the artist, and titled and dated 2016 recto in pencil.


Feb 6.11.12. Lunch camp

Record: Y: 2019/46

A print reproduction of a pencil sketch by Edward Adrian Wilson, unsigned, of a mountainous Antarctic landscape with explanatory notes


Record: Y: 2019/49

A print reproduction of a sketch by Edward Adrian Wilson showing a lead in Antarctic sea ice leading to an iceberg in the middle distance and penguins in the fore