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Museum catalogue: Antarctic Collection



Accession no.: Z: 422/6
Object name: Box
Title: Box
Description: A dark wooden box with seven green baize-lined compartments, in which five birds' eggs (Z: 422/1-5) were previously stored.
Classified name:
SPRI theme natural history
Current place name
UDC 591.465.1 : 598.2
Geographic UDC
Getty AAT eggs
Number of items: 1
Full description:

A long, thin, rectanuglar, dark brown, varnished wooden box. It has a hinged lid, with two brass hinges. The box is divided into seven compartments. The lid and the compartments are lined with green baize, and there is cotton wool or similar inside the compartments.

  • Width: 530mm, height: 98mm, depth: 188mm