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Museum catalogue: Antarctic Collection


Slide projector

Accession no.: Z: 409a-i
Object name: Slide projector
Title: Slide projector
Description: An Optiscope Number 6 slide projector (a), with a 14" projection lens (b) and a Philips light bulb (c). It has a leather case (i) containing three wooden stands (d-f), a cardboard box for a light bulb (g), and a small red cardboard box (h). The projector was manufactured by Ensign Ltd. of London.
Classified name:
SPRI theme photography
Current place name
UDC 778.2
Geographic UDC
Getty AAT slide projectors
Number of items: 9
Full description:

a: An Optiscope Number 6 slide projector, black-painted metal and chrome with a plate on the top reading 'ENSIGN OPTICSCOPE // NO6 // MADE IN GT BRITAIN // ENSIGN LTD LONDON'. It has a 14" projection lens (b) which is mounted in a panel on extendable bellows. The projector can be pivoted on the base and secured by means of the chrome lever. There is an electrical cable extending from the underside of the projector into the base, and an on/off switch in the base. Connected to the projector is a plastic flex with a type G plug. The plug as a price label on it reading 'BRIDGES & GARRARD // FRAMLINGHAM // 4/6d'.

d: A red brown leather case with an orange paper lining. It has a hinged lid, with two leather hinges secured with metal studs, two metal clips on the front to hold the lid closed, and a leather carrying handle attached with two metal rings. The corners of the case are reinforced with extra pieces of leather fixed with metal studs. Two elastic straps are fixed inside the lid of the case with metal rivets. The case contains a black-painted wooden stand (d), two plain wooden stands (e-f), a cardboard box for a light bulb (g), and a cardboard box with a red faux-leather covering (h).

  • a: Width: 300mm, height: 315mm, depth: 150mm
  • d: Width: 340mm, height: 180mm, depth: 400mm