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Museum catalogue: Antarctic Collection



Accession no.: Z: 408j
Object name: Microscope
Title: Microscope
Description: A J. Swift & Son of London fitted wooden case for a microscope, labelled with instrument number 30607, but used with older J. Swift & Son of London instrument (a) with serial number 16616
Classified name:
SPRI theme science and navigation
Current place name
UDC 681.723
Geographic UDC
Getty AAT
Number of items: 1
Full description:

A varnished wooden upright case with a hinged door (two metal hinges on the right hand side) and a keyhole in the front. There is a leather carrying handle, secured with metal, on the top of the case, and it sits on four plastic feet. There is a wooden block covered with green baize and a wooden fitting with slots on the inside of the door. Inside the case are wooden blocks covered with green baize, and a sliding drawer with five holes to take spare lenses. The case contains a key (e), a screw possibly used for securing a microscope in place inside the case (f), and three objective lenses with black plastic casings (g-i) that likely fit the instrument original to this case. Inside the door of the case is a printed paper label in a metal frame giving the serial number of the instrument (30607) and the objective lenses for which it has been adjusted (x 4 19098; x 10 18925; x 40 18822), and another scrap of paper reading: 'To remove instrument, take out screw at base of cabinet'. The top of the box is marked 'J. SWIFT & SON // LONDON' and a label on the front of the door reads: 'J. SWIFT & SON // LONDON // MADE IN ENGLAND'.

  • Width: 226mm, height: 540mm, depth: 261mm