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Museum catalogue: Polar Art Collection


Nelson, when a midshipman, pursuing a polar bear upon the Arctic ice

Accession no.: Y: 78/11
Object name: Engraving
Title: Nelson, when a midshipman, pursuing a polar bear upon the Arctic ice
Description: Chromoxylographic plate by Henry N. Humphreys from 'The Sea and its Living Wonders' by Dr G. Hartwig, 1860. Printed by Spottiswoode and Co, London.
Medium: Engraving
Artist: Humphreys, Henry
Note: Extract - 'In Southey's Life of Nelson, it is narrated that young Nelson obtained leave from his captain, when in the North Seas, to go upon the ice with a companion for a day's shooting. Towards evening he became so earnest in his determination to capture a polar bear that he has been some time pursuing, that he feigned not to hear the ginal of recall; and remained some time in chase of his game after his companion had returned to the ship. He was, of course, severly reprimanded on that occasion; which, however, did not prevent him in his after career from a like impatience of superior authority when it suited his purpose; some of his most brilliant exploits, as is well know, having been effected by a similar disregard of prudent signals, which he declared he could not see'.
  • Picture: Width: 115mm, height: 165mm
  • sheet: Width: 140mm, height: 222mm