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Museum catalogue: Polar Art Collection


Melville Island from Banks Land

Accession no.: Y: 64/10/6
Object name: Lithograph
Title: Melville Island from Banks Land
Description: One of a series of eight chromolithograph sketches by Lieut S. Gurney Creswell, of the voyage of HMS Investigator under Captain McClure. 'The peculiar interest of this sketch is derived from the fact of the land represented having been reached by Parry, in his attempt to discover the North-West passage, in the Hecla and Griper, in the year 1821. It is the south-western shore of Melville Island, about sixty miles from the position of the Investigator, in Mercy Bay. This sketch was taken from high land in the vicinity' - extract from McClure's 'Despatches'.
Medium: Lithograph
Artist: Cresswell, Samuel Gurney
Note: Published on 15 May 1854, by Day and Son, London, and published as a set on 25 July 1854. See Y: 56/22/6.
  • Picture: Width: 410mm, height: 308mm
  • sheet: Width: 620mm, height: 445mm