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Museum catalogue: Scrimshaw Collection




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Accession no.: Y: 62/15/61
Object name: Scrimshaw
Title: Scrimshaw
Description: Tooth 970 mm, monochrome. Child with whip.
Classified name:
[Unknown system] 730.235 & 639.245.1
Number of items: 1
Full description:

Showing a child with short hair holding a whip, possibly used with a spinning top. As with Y: 62/15/37, "Jacobson" is inscribed in ink within the root cavity. An unattractive child wearing a pinafore or pinafore-dress without a separate bodice and skirt. It is calf-length, which reveals short boots with heels. Although the dress was unfashionable, boots were very common in the 1860's to 70's. At the time, girls and boys usually wore identical clothes until the age of five or six.

  • Height: 970mm
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