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Museum catalogue: Scrimshaw Collection




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Accession no.: Y: 62/15/52
Object name: Scrimshaw
Title: Scrimshaw
Description: Tooth 190 mm, polychrome: yellow. Eagle on rock. (Pair to 62/15/51)
Classified name:
[Unknown system] 730.235 & 639.245.1
Number of items: 1
Full description:

One of a pair of teeth, both with the same strange birds, probably intended to be eagles, even American eagles. Both have traces of yellow overpainting around the eyes and beaks. They may have been derived from the strange eagles found on Chinese export porcelain, but if so they are unlikely to be the work of sailors. They would probably have found eagles to copy more easily on other things: posters, billheads, proclamations, maps and the like.

Related record(s):
  • Y: 62/15/51
  • Height: 109mm
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