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Museum catalogue: Scrimshaw Collection




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Accession no.: Y: 62/15/48
Object name: Scrimshaw
Title: Scrimshaw
Description: Tooth 144 mm, monochrome, cleanly and expertly decorated. Man on horseback entitled "THE ORPHAN"; reverse: Woman.
Classified name:
[Unknown system] 730.235 & 639.245.1
Number of items: 1
Full description:

48A.: A very elaborate fashion-plate image of ca. 1828-30. The woman wears an ankle length bell-shaped dress with a tight waist accentuated by huge puffed sleeves and an enormous hat. She also wears a long fur boa, a very costly item which was even worn in the summer.

48B.: Inscribed "THE ORPHAN", a horseman is reining in his mount beside a stunted tree. It is probably based on an illustration from the play of that name by Thomas Otway (1652-85), first produced in 1680. It remained popular until the 19th century and the clothes could be a 19th century idea of earlier period costume.

  • Height: 144mm
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