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Museum catalogue: Scrimshaw Collection




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Accession no.: Y: 62/15/24
Object name: Scrimshaw
Title: Scrimshaw
Description: Tooth 170 mm, polychrome: red, cleanly engraved. British whaleship; reverse: Brigantine, smaller sailing ship and lighthouse.
Classified name:
[Unknown system] 730.235 & 639.245.1
Number of items: 1
Full description:

24A.: A bizarre brigantine and a similar ship with a pennant inscribed "Trident", putting to sea past a mole with a lighthouse. Both look unreal. Gaff mizzen topgallant sails did not appear until the late 19th century, a British naval ship would not have her name on a pennant and a merchant ship would not have such an array of painted gunports.

24B.: A British whaleship hove-to, fore topsail to the mast, cutting in a whale using a cutting stage, the "blanket piece" being hoisted by tackle at the main mast head. After the head and lower jaw had been removed, two men worked with long knives from a cutting stage, stripping the blubber off as the carcass of the whale revolved.

  • Height: 170mm
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