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Museum catalogue: Scrimshaw Collection




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Accession no.: Y: 62/15/2
Object name: Scrimshaw
Title: Scrimshaw
Description: Tooth 148mm, polychrome: red and blue. Finely engraved on both sides with nautical scenes. Two frigates in action; reverse: Sailing ships in English channel.
Classified name:
[Unknown system] 730.235 & 639.245.1
Number of items: 1
Full description:

2A.: A duel between the frigates HMS Shannon (left) and USS Chesapeake (right) off Boston, Mass. on June 1st 1813, one of the few naval engagements of the war of 1812-1814 between Britain and America which both sides could claim as a victory.

2B.: A brig, a vessel bow-on and a small one gaff rigged are off South Foreland near the "white cliffs of Dover" where adjacent ligthouses marked not only an important deep water anchorage, the Downs but also the direction of the notorious Goodwin sands on which thousands of vessels have been wrecked (cf Fig 20B).

  • Height: 148mm
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