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Museum catalogue: Antarctic Collection



Accession no.: Y: 59/8/5/32
Object name: Battery
Title: Battery
Description: Two mercury batteries in a sealed plastic packet. From the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1955-58 and part of a sledging box (Y: 59/8/5/1) containing integrating motor pneumotachograph (IMP) equipment, used for determining energy expenditure by analysing expired air to calculate oxygen consumption. The integrated motor pneumotachograph was powered by 8 Mallory RM 1 mercury cells which gave a constant voltage throughout 90% of their life and only had a small temperature co-efficient.
Classified name:
SPRI theme health
Current place name Antarctic regions
UDC 612
Geographic UDC (*7)
Getty AAT
Number of items: 1
Full description:

Two mercury batteries sealed in a clear plastic packet. They have red and white paper labels reading 'MALL[…]'.

  • Width: 65mm, length: 100mm, depth: 20mm
Associated expedition(s):
  • Used on: Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1955-58 (1955 - 1958)