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Museum catalogue: Antarctic Collection


Heated sleeve

Accession no.: Y: 59/8/4/10
Object name: Heated sleeve
Title: Heated sleeve
Description: A heated sleeve belonging to Dr Allan Rogers. From the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1955-58 and part of a sledging box (Y: 59/8/4/1) containing integrating motor pneumotachograph (IMP) equipment, used for determining energy expenditure by analysing expired air to calculate oxygen consumption.
Classified name:
SPRI theme health
Current place name Antarctic regions
UDC 612
Geographic UDC (*7)
Getty AAT
Number of items: 1
Full description:

A green textile sleeve with a brown knitted cuff. It is constructed like an electric blanket with internal wires running along the length of the sleeve. Protruding from the centre is an electric cable inside an orange-pink textile cover; the black plug has two round metal pins and is stamped '250 VOLTS', '5 AMPS' and 'MADE IN ENGLAND'. There is a textile tape tie at the cuff end, and male and female metal poppers at the other end. Stitched to the side of the sleeve are three textile labels. The first reads: 'MARK II' (printed); the second reads: 'ROGERS' (handwritten) and '24 Volt' (printed); and the third reads: '[broad arrow] Garment 22C.NIV. // Contract 11179 // Serial 7283' (printed) and 'ROGERS' (handwritten).

  • Width: 230mm, length: 395mm, depth: 35mm
Associated person(s):
  • Used by: Rogers, Allan Frederick (1955 - 1958)
Associated expedition(s):
  • Used on: Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1955-58 (1955 - 1958)