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Museum catalogue: Polar Art Collection


Captain James Clark Ross, RN

Accession no.: Y: 50/16
Object name: Engraving
Title: Captain James Clark Ross, RN
Description: Proof portrait of Captain James Clark Ross, engraved by Henry Cook after a painting by Wildman.
Medium: Engraving
Artist: Cook, Henry
Note: Full note, on front: 'Captain James Clark Ross, RN, FRS, FRAS, & FLAS. To the Rt Hon and Hon The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, and to these Societies which have contributed to the Expedition of Captain Ross, in Command of the Scientific Voyage of Discovery, to the Hitherto Unexplored Antarctic Regions, this portrait is most humbly dedicated by their very obedient servant, Henry Cook'. Published on 3 March 1840, by Colnaghi and Puckle, London.
  • Picture: Width: 365mm, height: 480mm
  • mount: Width: 490mm, height: 618mm