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Museum catalogue: Arctic Material Culture Collection



Accession no.: Y: 49/8h
Object name: Arrow
Title: Arrow
Description: Arrow, one of 16, in box. Inuinnait (Copper Inuit). Collected by Captain Joseph-Fidèle Bernard, Ikaluktutiak (Cambridge Bay), Nunavut, Canada, 1915.
Classified name:
SPRI theme hunting and fishing
Geographic area- current Canada > Nunavut > Victoria Island > Ikaluktutiak
Former place name Canada > Northwest Territories > Victoria Island > Cambridge Bay
Getty AAT arrows
Current cultural affiliation Inuinnait
Former cultural affiliation Copper Eskimo
Cultural subgroup Kiglinirmiut
Field collection:
Person Bernard, Joseph-Fidèle (1878-1972)
Place Canada > Nunavut > Victoria Island > Ikaluktutiak (Cambridge Bay)
Collectionnumber 286
Number of items: 1
Full description:

The shaft is made from two pieces of wood, circular in cross-section, spliced together 283 mm from tip and secured with sinew wrapping. The shaft flattens to form a U-shaped nock at proximal end. The ends of two feathers (only fragments remain) are secured to proximal end of shaft with sinew wrapping. The foreshaft is made from a single piece of bone, oval in cross-section, cut to form three notches on one side at proximal end. The foreshaft is inserted into distal end of shaft and secured with sinew wrapping. A triangular iron point is inserted into distal end of foreshaft and is secured with circular iron rivet.

  • Width: 20mm, length: 856mm
Associated expedition(s):
  • : British Naval Franklin Search Expedition 1850-55 (HMS Enterprise) (1850 - 1855)