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Museum catalogue: Polar Art Collection


Phalarope Camp


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Accession no.: Y: 2018/1/2
Object name: Pencil sketch
Title: Phalarope Camp
Description: Artist's description: 'A sketch of one of many idyllic camp sites, overlooking lakes and smaller pools, often containing phalarope. Our leader, Robert Burton, kept the expedition well-informed of the numerous birds all around.'
Medium: Pencil sketch
Artist: Woolmore, Ray
Note: Location: unidentified location on vast area of cariboo [sic] pasture and lakes a few miles to the south of Amitsorssuaq and west of Kangerdlugssuaq (Sondre Stromfjord). Approx. lat. 67°6'N, long. 66°45'W.
  • Picture: Width: 175mm, height: 125mm
  • mount: Dimensions: ?
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