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Museum catalogue: Polar Art Collection


Valley east of Otto Fiord Camp, Ellesmere Island

Accession no.: Y: 2012/20/48
Object name: Chalk and charcoal sketch
Title: Valley east of Otto Fiord Camp, Ellesmere Island
Description: Leader Bezal Jesudason suggested we might see some musk-oxen if we visited, first by zodiac along the ice-edge, and then on foot, a hidden valley some 4-5 miles north-east of the Base Camp. With Sergeant Fradet of the RCMP the artist left Base early on 19 July, and visited the Hidden Valley, sketching this view and taking many photos. Unfortunately they saw no musk-oxen, reurning to Base after 12 hours in the field.
Medium: Chalk and charcoal sketch
Artist: Woolmore, Ray
Note: Hidden valley 4-5 miles north-east of Otto Fiord Camp. Approx. Lat. 81°20'N, Long. 85°30'W. (Otto Fiord 340C Edition 2 - 1:250,000 Energy, Mines and Resources Canada.)
  • Picture: Width: 229mm, height: 152mm
  • mount: Dimensions: ?