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Museum catalogue: Polar Art Collection


Moskusheimem, Revet, Payer Land, N.E. Greenland, July 2003.

Accession no.: Y: 2012/20/149
Object name: Chalk and charcoal sketch
Title: Moskusheimem, Revet, Payer Land, N.E. Greenland, July 2003.
Description: Their third day after return from the Arcturus Clavering Ø Expedition's long trek to Eskimonaaes on the southern tip of Clavering Ø. On walks along the coast on this day the artist encountered two herds of musk-oxen and several single bulls. This particular sketch was interrupted by a happy hour of red-wine, and a dinner of Beef Strogonoff (dehydrated of course).
Medium: Chalk and charcoal sketch
Artist: Woolmore, Ray
Note: Fanstatationer Moskusheimem (built 1927) No. 429 in Peter Schmidt-Mikkelsen 1994, Payer Land. Eskimonaes Sirius Station (No. 405 in Peter Schmidt-Mikkelson 1994) built adjacent to the site of the Fangst Station (1931) burnt down by the Germans in 1943. Lat. 74°22'N, long. 21°53'W. (Danmark-Gronland 1:250,000 Sheet 74 Ø.2 Clavering Ø.)
  • Picture: Width: 178mm, height: 120mm
  • mount: Dimensions: ?