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Museum catalogue: Polar Art Collection


Svinhufvuds Bjerge and Holm Bugt


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Accession no.: Y: 2012/20/14
Object name: Pencil sketch
Title: Svinhufvuds Bjerge and Holm Bugt
Description: This sketch was drawn from just above Shelter Point, where Robert Burton, the Erskine Traill Island 1991 Expedition leader had established one of the expedition’s subsidiary camps. It takes in the view south-eastwards along Kong Oscar’s Fjord.
Medium: Pencil sketch
Artist: Woolmore, Ray
Note: Near Shelter Point Camp, Holm Bugt. Lat. 72°33'N, Long. 24°7'W (Danmark – Gronland, 1:250,000 Sheet 72 Ø. 2 Kong Oscar’s Fjord.)
  • Picture: Width: 170mm, height: 127mm
  • mount: Dimensions: ?
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