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Museum catalogue: Polar Art Collection


Berzelius Bjerg & Staunings Alps from Holm Bugt


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Accession no.: Y: 2012/20/11
Object name: Pencil sketch
Title: Berzelius Bjerg & Staunings Alps from Holm Bugt
Description: Drawn during the last Erskine Expeditions trip, Traill Island 1991, lasting nearly three weeks, and led by Robert Burton. The sketch shows the pack ice strewn Bay, and a distant view of Lyell Land, which the artist was to visit in 2008. The base camp was in a sandy gully just to the north of the Holm Bugt Hytten (222 in Peter Schmidt Mikkelsen’s Book).
Medium: Pencil sketch
Artist: Woolmore, Ray
Note: From near southern end of Holm Bugt, looking NW along Kong Oscar’s Fjord. Lat. 72°29'N, Long. 24°00'W (Danmark – Gronland, 1:250,000 Sheet 720. 2 Kong Oscar’s Fjord.)
  • Picture: Height: 127mm
  • mount: Dimensions: ?
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