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Museum catalogue: Antarctic Collection


HMS Erebus

Accession no.: Y: 2009/24/1
Object name: Model ship
Title: HMS Erebus
Description: A 1:40 scale model (approximately) of HMS Erebus, made in 2008-09 by W.B. Williams.
Artist: Williams, Wyndham B.
Classified name:
SPRI theme memorabilia and souvenirs
Current place name Polar regions
UDC 629.12
Geographic UDC (*2)
Getty AAT scale models
Number of items: 1
Full description:

model: A 1:40 scale model of 'Erebus', a three-masted Hecla-class bomb vessel, with a length of 105 feet (32 m) and a beam of 29 feet (8.84 m). The model is rigged with full sails. There are two anchors suspended from the front and eight lifeboats of various sizes on deck. There are numerous labelled boxes on deck, such as 'winter clothing', 'vegetables', 'portable forges' etc.


  • model: Dimensions: ?
  • mount: Width: 300mm, height: 150mm, length: 830mm