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Museum catalogue: Polar Art Collection


Penguin sketches

Accession no.: Y: 2008/4/2
Object name: Sketch
Title: Penguin sketches
Description: Pencil sketch of Adelie penguins signed by Apsley Cherry-Garrard, 1912. The upper of the two sketches is in pencil and shows three penguins, one labelled 'Ecstacy' and another 'A fight'.
Medium: Sketch
Artist: Cherry-Garrard, Apsley
Note: label originaly affixed to back of the frame reads: 'These two signed sketches were given to my mother by the artist, author of The Worst Journey in the World [Scott's Antarctic Expedition, 1910-13] ... As the sketches were specifically given to her - [confirmed by a letter from Cherry-Garrard with her papers] - I have felt justified in keeping them, and I have had them framed. The habits of the Adelie penguiin are described on pp. 624-5 of the book mentioned above, including "robbery" depicted in the lower sketch. Cape Royds, where the sketches were made, is shewn, with Shackelton's [sic] hut, on a map on p.239'. Note the mis-spelling of 'ecstasy' in the top sketch. J.M. Graham, 11th August 1979.One of two sketches the other penicl (Y: 2008/4/2) originaly framed paperr e
  • Width: 210mm, height: 120mm