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Museum catalogue: Antarctic Collection



Accession no.: Y: 2007/4/2a-b
Object name: Boot
Title: Boot
Description: A pair of Greenlandic sealskin boots with sinew thongs, belonging to Quintin Riley and used on his polar expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic.
Classified name:
SPRI theme clothing and footwear
Current place name Polar regions
UDC 685.31
Geographic UDC (*2)
Getty AAT boots
Number of items: 2
Full description:

A pair of sealskin boots (fur-side out). The fur has marbled pattern, perhaps from a leopard seal. Each boot is constructed from three pieces of skin: two for the leg (with fur) and one for the sole (without fur) which extends over the sides and is gathered at the toe and heel. There is a small leather loop on either side of the boot about a third of the way from the toe with a sinew thong passed through them. Stitched inside the top of each boot is a short length of textile tape, and a length of string is fixed on either side at the top back of each boot (one of these strings on (a) is broken).

  • Height: 450mm, length: 265mm
Associated person(s):
  • Used by: Riley, Quintin Theodore Petroc Molesworth ( - )