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Museum catalogue: Inuit Art Collection



Accession no.: Y: 2005/7/6a-b
Title: Carving
Description: Carving, Man Standing, soapstone on base. Artist and community: unknown, Canada, before 1966.
Artist: Artist unknown
Classified name:
Current place name Canada
Getty AAT Carvings
Number of items: 2
Full description:

Carving (a) of a man in black soapstone flecked with green. Man is standing with legs apart and arms in front of body. Nose, eyes, ears, mouth and top of head are incised on triangular shaped head. He is wearing a hip-length parka with straight bottom edge with attached downturned hood and knee-length trousers. Bottom edge and cuffs of parka and bottom edge of trousers are delineated with incised line. White label "290" taped to back of right leg. Two metal (copper) rods on rectangular clear perspex base (b) are inserted into a circular hole in the bottom of each foot.

  • Width: 5.7cm (b), height: 2.4cm (b), length: 8.6cm (b)