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Museum catalogue: Inuit Art Collection



Accession no.: Y: 2005/7/31
Title: Carving
Description: Carving, Walrus, serpentine on base. Artist and community: unknown. Canada, before 1966.
Artist: Artist unknown
Classified name:
Current place name Canada
Getty AAT Carvings
Number of items: 1
Full description:

Walrus in green serpentine. Head is turned to the right with incised protruding eyes, nostrils, mouth and lines each side of the muzzle. Circular holes on each side of mouth suggest previous presence of tusks (now missing). Four claws are carved on each fore flipper; two on hind flippers. Triangular tail. Metal peg glued into hole on flat underside and another hole would have corresponded to holes in base (now missing). Peg is inserted into temporary base of two layers of styrofoam.

  • Width: 93mm, height: 84mm, length: 150mm