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Museum catalogue: Arctic Material Culture Collection



Accession no.: Y: 2004/1/12
Title: Carving
Description: Carving, Polar bear, ivory. Inughuit. Qaanaaq (Thule), Kalaallit Nunaata Avannaarsua (North Greenland), 1937. Front right leg snapped off.
Classified name:
Current place name Kalaallit Nunaata Avannaarsua > Qaanaaq
Geographic area- former North Greenland > Thule
Current cultural affiliation Inughuit
Former cultural affiliation Polar Eskimo
Getty AAT Carvings
Field collection:
Person feachem
Place Kalaallit Nunaata Avannaarsua (North Greenland) > Qaanaaq (Thule)
Date 1937
Number of items: 1
Full description:

Ivory of a standing Polar Bear with outstretched head and triangular ears. Eyes, nostrils and mouth are incised.

Related record(s):
  • 2004/1/1-18
  • Width: 20mm, height: 35mm, length: 84mm