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Museum catalogue: Inuit Art Collection



Accession no.: N: 813a
Title: Carving
Description: Carving in ivory of a bird resembling a loon in water. Iglulingmiut (Iglulik Inuit), Nunavut, Canada, 1821-1823.
Classified name:
Cultural affiliation Iglulingmiut
Geographic area Canada > Nunavut > Qikiqtaaluk Region > Igloolik
Getty AAT Carvings
Field collection:
Person Parry, William Edward
Date 1821
Place Iglulik, Nunavut
Number of items: 1
Full description:

Bird, ivory. Carved with long upstanding neck, elongated head turned to the left, and flat base.

  • Width: 11mm, height: 23mm, length: 42mm