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Museum catalogue: Arctic Material Culture Collection




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Accession no.: N: 812a
Title: Comb
Description: Comb, ivory. Iglulingmiut (Iglulik Inuit). Iglulik ?, Nunavut, Canada, 1821-1823.
Classified name:
Current cultural affiliation Iglulingmiut
Former cultural affiliation Iglulik Eskimo
Current place name Canada > Nunavut > Iglulik ?
Former place name Canada > Northwest Territories > Igloolik ?
Getty AAT Combs
Field collection:
Place Canada > Nunavut > Iglulik ?
Date 1821
Number of items: 1
Full description:

Made from a single piece of ivory widest at mid-section. Upper section is trapezoidal in shape with a knob at the centre of straight upper edge. Sides curve slightly inward. Each side is decorated with double parallel lines enclosing right-angled lines incised along the outside edges and in the centre

  • Width: 41mm, length: 107mm
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