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Museum catalogue: Arctic Material Culture Collection



Accession no.: N: 26b
Object name: Snowshoe
Title: Snowshoe
Description: Snowshoe, one of a pair. Probably Eastern Canada, 1930-1931.
Classified name:
Cultural affiliation Northeastern Woodlands
Geographic area Canada
Getty AAT Snowshoes
Field collection:
Person Stephenson, Alfred
Date 1930
Place Canada > Eastern
Number of items: 1
Full description:

One of a pair. Squared-toe type (Davidson 1937: 90-93). Frame is made from a single piece of wood bent to form square toe. Pointed heel is secured with two circular nails. Two curved wooden cross-bars are mortised into the frame at the toe and heel. Mesh is worked in hexagonal netting technique using babiche (rawhide thong). Mesh is thicker in the foot section; finer in the toe and heel sections. Thong is attached to the cross-bars by the wrapping method. In the foot section, thong is attached to the frame by the wrapping method over red fabric. In the toe and heel sections, the thong is attached to the frame with a selvage thong. Toe-hole is reinforced with babiche around two circular holes in mesh and overlaid with tanned skin sewn with double strand of beige thread. Strap of light brown fabric is tied around circular holes in mesh behind toe-hole.

  • Width: 394mm, height: 22mm, length: 944mm