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Museum catalogue: Antarctic Collection


Accession no.: N: 231a-b
Object name: Boot
Description: A pair of Canadian leather 'shoe packs' (boots) used by C.S. Wright, physicist on the British Antarctic Expedition 1910-13 (Terra Nova). Wright was Canadian.
Classified name:
SPRI theme clothing and footwear
Current place name Antarctic regions > Ross Dependency
UDC 685.3
Geographic UDC (*76)
Getty AAT mitts (fingerless handwear)
Number of items: 2
Full description:

A pair of red-brown leather boots (a = left, b = right). Each boot has a leather upper and lower, a leather bellows tongue, and a leather insole and outer sole. There is a leather bootstrap at the heel to help pull the boot on and off. The lacing consists of fifteen pairs of metal eyelets, with leather laces. A piece of leather is fixed over the underside and sides of each boot. The sole consists of an extra layer of leather fixed in place with metal nails, with another piece added for the heel – this is present in the left boot (a); the right boot (b) has holes for the nails but the extra layer of leather is missing.

  • Width: 1125mm, height: 395mm, length: 295mm
Associated person(s):
  • Used by: Wright, Charles Seymour ( - )
Associated expedition(s):
  • Used on: British Antarctic Expedition 1910-13 (Terra Nova) (1910 - 1913)