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Museum catalogue: Arctic Material Culture Collection




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Accession no.: N: 212
Title: Parka
Description: Parka, man's, fabric. Inughuit. Qaanaaq (Thule), Kalaallit Nunaata Avannaarsua (North Greenland), 1938.
Classified name:
Current cultural affiliation Inughuit
Former cultural affiliation Polar Eskimo
Current place name Kalaallit Nunaata Avannaarsua > Qaanaaq
Former place name North Greenland > Thule
Gender male
Getty AAT Parkas
Field collection:
Person wright
Organisation bae
Place Kalaallit Nunaata Avannaarsua (North Greenland) > Qaanaaq (Thule)
Date 1938
Number of items: 1
Full description:

Man's, hip-length with straight bottom edge and attached hood. Made from four main pieces of dark blue cotton fabric. Front and back are made from one piece seamed vertically along each side. Hood is made from a single piece cut with rectangular extension under the chin at the front and between the shoulders on the back. Edge around face opening is turned to the interior. Sleeves are each made from a single piece seamed along inner arm. An additional piece of same, cut with rectangular extension, overlays the cuff. Bottom edge is turned to the exterior to form 64 mm wide band. A pocket is sewn to each side of lower front. Edges of fabric are outlined with machine stitching using white cotton thread. Structural sewing is by machine using white and black cotton thread.

  • Width: 1733mm (sleeves extended), length: 967mm
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