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Museum catalogue: Arctic Material Culture Collection


Harpoon, model

Accession no.: N: 201f
Title: Harpoon, model
Description: Harpoon, model. Tunumiit (East Greenlanders). Tasiilaq (Ammassalik), Kalaallit Nunaata Tunua (East Greenland), no date.
Classified name:
Current cultural affiliation Tunumiit
Former cultural affiliation East Greenlanders
Cultural subgroup ammassalimmiut
Current place name Kalaallit Nunaata Tunu > Tasiilaq
Former place name East Greenland > Ammassalik (Angmassalik)
Getty AAT Models
Field collection:
Person Rymill, John Riddoch >
Organisation British Arctic Air Route Expedition 1930-31 >
Place Kalaallit Nunaata Tunu (East Greenland) > Tasiilaq (Ammassalik, Angmassalik)
Date 1930
Number of items: 1
Full description:

Shaft is made from a single piece of wood, circular in cross-section. Shaft tapers towards straight proximal end which is circular in cross-section and terminates in an ivory cap. Shaft flares towards distal end which terminates in an oval ivory cap. Pointed ivory shaft is secured to wood shaft with sinew lashings threaded through two circular holes in ivory shaft. Triangular ivory throwing board is attached to one side of wood shaft with two ivory pegs. Two ivory pegs are inserted into wooden shaft. Length of sinew, with ends knotted, is threaded through shaft 40 mm from proximal end.

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