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Museum catalogue: Antarctic Collection



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Accession no.: N: 18a-b
Object name: Sledge runner attachment
Description: A metal attachment for a sledge runner (a) to prevent side-slipping whilst traversing slopes, in a white cotton bag (b). Four of these would be bolted on to the sledge runners about 3 feet from each end. They were tried out during the British Graham Land Expedition 1934-37 (Penola) and were found to be useful under certain conditions but these conditions proved so rare that they were not regarded as a normal item of sledging equipment.
Artist: Rosendahl, Landsfogede
Classified name:
SPRI theme transportation
Current place name Antarctic regions > British Antarctic Territory > Maritime Antarctic > Antarctic Peninsula > Graham Land
UDC 629.111.7
Geographic UDC (*726.3)
Getty AAT
Number of items: 2
Full description:

a: A metal attachment for a sledge runner. It consists of a flat metal plate, with two shaped side pieces, and two tubular spacers bolted between the side pieces.

b: A cream-coloured rectangular cotton bag with two cotton ties, printed in the bottom corner with 'CAMP AND SPORTS // COOPERATORS LTD. // LONDON, N.W.10'.

  • a: Width: 120mm, height: 68mm, length: 144mm
  • b: Width: 150mm, length: 300mm
Associated expedition(s):
  • As used on: British Graham Land Expedition 1934-37 (Penola) (1934 - 1937)
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